Orthodox Church your parish/community belongs to

Ecclesiastical role, if relevant

Are you applying on behalf of a youth organization or as a private individual? [if on behalf of an organization, please attach a letter from that organization]

I'm applying on behalf of an organization

What is your current involvement in Orthodox youth work?

Please give an example of a case where youth work was important in your life (as a youth and/or as a youth worker)

In a perfect world, what would you hope Supraśl 2022 to be like?

What is your motivation to apply for the event? Please write a short text about your reasons for applying

What do you hope to achieve by means of the event? Please write a short text about some results you would like to achieve in the future

Do you have any special needs?

Do you need an invitation to obtain an entry visa for Poland?

Can you pay the participation fee of 200€?

If not, what amount can you pay?

Do you need assistance in covering travel costs [define qualifying regions beforehand]?

Is there anything else the organisation should know about your application?

What languages do you speak & what is your proficiency?

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